Importance of Cows in Hinduism


I have seen the film PK recently. Though, I appreciated the film to a great extent for showing a broader perspective towards the practice of religion, I would like to express my opinion on the point, when a man says (in the film) that feeding a cow will enable him to get a job. In my opinion, getting a job requires educational qualification, skills and experience in a particular field. Any amount of religious practice without the required skills and qualifications cannot fetch anyone any job.

But, it was not proper on the part of the producers to raise the issue of feeding cows here and associate it with getting a job. Hindu scriptures strongly recommend the practice of feeding cows and showing love, respect and kindness towards all living beings. It is considered to be highly beneficial to feed a cow, not materialistically but spiritually.

Probably, feeding of cows won’t bestow any materialistic benefit like getting a job but it will surely help a person advance spiritually. And when a person advances spiritually, the soul gets purified and devotion for God increases. God always resides in such a purified soul. Such a person is always conscious of the presence of God and acts in the mode of goodness. In the mode of goodness, a person is guided by good thoughts and always does good deeds and is blessed by God.


When I was young, I remember, my father used to make me sit beside him and tell me many religious stories, principles and values of Hinduism. He is the one who has taught me to love and respect my religion. I would love to write all that I have learnt from him as a child. But, now I would like to focus upon the importance of a cow in Hinduism.

It is believed that we  should bow down before four mothers: the first is our own mother who has given us birth, second is Goddess Durga (the eternal consort of Lord Shiva), third is our Motherland (Country, Soil, Earth) and finally Go-Mata (‘Go’ in Sanskrit means ‘Cow’). In Hinduism, Cow has got the status of a mother. I have also read somewhere that it is written in the Vedas that Cows should be protected and taken care of same like one’s own mother.

Some may like to find logic here by saying that a cow is considered equal to a mother because it gives us milk.  But, in Hinduism, there are many other reasons behind accepting cows as divine beings. The reasons are not just spiritual but scientific as well.

Lord Krishna during his appearance on this Earth has taken care of the cows as a cowherd boy. With this act, the Lord has given us a message that he loves cows and as devotees of Lord Krishna, it is our duty to worship cows and it is our responsibility to protect cows. Let us all pledge to take care of cows and protect them from all harm.


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  1. I totally second your observation and learning. I am a Shiva devotee (by heart) and Krishna (thanks to my Grandmom for the teachings and learning I gathering during the early part of my life). Even if a cow is far away from my house, I can clearly listen to its sound inside my room. I often feed them with banana / roti / bread with some ghee/sugar for taste. And the moment i step out of my house, there’s one waiting for me. Not only do they remember my face but also respond by coming very close and allowing me to pat them and touch them. I was a hardcore non vegetarian for many years but thanks to the grace of Shiva, I realize him being the Pashupatinath bestows me to opportunity to take care of all animals as equal to a human life. And this has nothing to do with movies like PK which had designed with brilliance but deprived of sensitivity and receptivity.

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