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The auspicious Purushottam Month comes to an end


Purushottam Month, which had started on 17th of June, 2015 has come to an end today, the 16th July, 2015.  Purushottam Month is also known as Adhik Maas (Extra Month). Vaishnava Calender which follows the Lunar route usually has 28 or 29 days in a month which results in roughly 10 less days in a year. So, after every 3 years, comes an extra month of 30 days which is considered to be highly auspicious. This entire month is considered highly auspicious to express deep love and devotion towards Lord Shri Hari as he is the Purushottam and the month is dedicated to Him. Vaisnavas, all over the world take great advantage of this highly beneficial month and completely immerse themselves in devotional services with complete surrender of mind and soul.


Purushottam Month is considered to be the best of all other months in Hinduism. This month is dedicated towards worshiping of Lord Vishnu and his Avatars. Vaishnava devotees follow many rules and disciplines this month as an offering of their love and devotion towards the Supreme Lord. Most of the devotees give up all sorts of materialistic pursuits and completely immerse themselves in faith and devotion. Everything that they do, they do it with only one motive and that is to raise in spiritual life. These are a few of the disciplines they follow during this month. I’m not an expert in this vast nectar of knowledge. I wish to write down all that I have learnt from my visits to Temple and attending classes there.

1. Reading of Bhagwad Gita, specially of chapter 15, which is also known as Purushottam Yoga and also of Srimad Bhagwatam and Chaitanya Charitamrita.

2. Offering of ghee lamp to their Lordships and singing of the Chaurashtam, throughout the month.

3. Singing of Jagannath Ashtakam (Rath Yatra – The Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath falls on 18th July, 2015)

4. Offering of donation and charity to the Vaishnavas, Brahmanas and also to the poor and needy people.

5. Waking up early in the morning and offering prayers to Lord Krishna and Goddess Tulsi.

6. Attending Mangal Arati (Morning Prayers) everyday in the Temple.

7. Eating of prasadam (Food after having offered to God).

8. Singing of Vaishnava bhajans like ‘Jaya Radha Madhava Kunja Bihari’, ‘Radha krishna Pran Mora jugala kishore’, Radha-kripa Kataksh, Nandanashtakam etc

9. Taking a dip in a Holy River like Ganga, Yamuna or Godavari specially when Jupiters transits to Leo zodiac sign. When it is not possible for people to take a dip in any of these holy rivers, they can also sprinkle water form any of these holy rivers or also of water from Radhakund from Vrindavan.

10. Chanting of the Holy Name with divine consciousness.

Many devotees eat only one meal a day and many others eat only fuits and milk. They completely dedicate their time towards  chanting of the Holy Name of the Lord and in singing the glory of the Lord.

As this month is specially loved by Lord, all the prayers surely reach him and all are devotees are blessed by him which results in more love and devotion for the Lord.


This year, something very interesting has happened. The dates of Purushottam Month has coincided with the date of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Purushottam Month will be celebrated next in May, 2018.

Finally, I would like to say that I’m the most ineligible person to write anything on such a huge topic. I have made an attempt based on all the articles that I have read the entire month and attended classes at our temple – ISKCON Bahrain.

Anyone interested in knowing on this topic can visit:


‘The Madhurashtakam’ – A Prayer Song that will fill your Heart with Joy


There are many prayer songs, dedicated to my Lord, which I love to listen over and over again.  One such prayer song is ‘The Madhuastakam’. Every time, I listen to this prayer song, my heart gets filled with joy, delight and devotion.

‘Madhuram’ is a Sanskrit word. It is an adjective which describes something to be divinely sweet or beautiful. ‘Ashtakam’ is also a Sanskrit work which means, ‘a verse of 8 lines’.

This particular verse sings the charm and glory of Lord Krishna and describes him as a Lord who embodies sweetness, beauty and magnificence.

In these verses the word ‘Madhuram’ has been repeated after each word and exhibits  a divine feeling which will bound a devoted heart feel more love and devotion of the Supreme Lord.

I hereby, out of deep love for the song publish the lyrics of the song:


adharam madhuram vadanam madhuram
nayanam madhuram hasitam madhuram
hridayam madhuram gamanam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His lips are sweet, His face is sweet,
His eyes are sweet, His smile is sweet,
His loving heart is sweet, His gait (walk) is sweet,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

Lord 2

vachanam madhuram charitam madhuram
vasanam madhuram valitam madhuram
chalitam madhuram bhramitam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His words are sweet, His character is sweet,
His dress (garment) is sweet, His posture is sweet,
His movements are sweet, His wandering (roaming) is sweet,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

Lord 4

venur madhuro renur madhurah
panir madhurah padau madhurau
nrityam madhuram shakhyam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His flute-playing is sweet, His foot-dust is sweet,
His hands are sweet, His feet are sweet,
His dancing is sweet, His friendship is sweet,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

Lord 5

gitam madhuram pitam madhuram
bhuktam madhuram suptam madhuram
rupam madhuram tilakam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His song is sweet, His drinking is sweet,
His eating is sweet, His sleeping is sweet,
His beautiful form is sweet, His Tilaka (mark on the forehead) is sweet,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

Lord 6

karanam madhuram taranam madhuram
haranam madhuram ramanam madhuram
vamitam madhuram shamitam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His deeds (activities) are sweet, His conquest (liberating) is sweet,
His thieving (stealing) is sweet, His love-sports are sweet,
His oblations (offerings) are sweet, His countenance is sweet,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

Lord 8

gunja madhura mala madhura
yamuna madhura vici madhura
salilam madhuram kamalam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His gunja-berry necklace is sweet, His flower garland is sweet,
sweet is the Yamuna river, and sweet are her rippling waves,
her water is sweet, and sweet are the lotus flowers also,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

Lord 7

gopi madhura lila madhura
yuktam madhuram muktam madhuram
dhristam madhuram shistam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His gopis (cowherd girlfriends) are sweet, His pastimes (plays) are sweet,
His union (meeting him) is sweet, His deliverance (rescue) is sweet,
His sidelong glances are sweet, His courtesy (etiquette) is sweet,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

Lord 9

gopa madhura gavo madhura
yastir madhura shristhir madhura
dalitam madhuram phalitam madhuram
madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram

His gopas (cowherd boyfriends) are sweet, His cows are sweet,
His cane (herding-stick) is sweet, His creation is sweet,
His victory (trampling) is sweet, His accomplishment (fruition) is sweet,
Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.
|| iti srimad vallabha-acarya viracitam madhurastakam sampurnam ||

|| Thus ends the the eight stanza hymn madhurastakam composed by Sripad Vallabha-acharya ||

Here, I would like to add links of two youtube videos: