ShriKrishna Janmashtami : The Day to celebrate the appearance of The Lord on Earth


Lord Krishna is considered to be the complete incarnation or avatars of Lord Vishnu. ‘Krishna’ means ‘The one who is all-attractive’. Lord is believed to all-pervading. The one who is present every where at all times. The Lord appeared on Earth to protect the good, innocent and the Saintly and to punish the wrong-doers. His teachings are contained in ‘The Bhagwad Gita’ the most sacred book of the followers of Hinduism. In the Gits, the Lord promised that whenever there will be a fall in righteousness, the Lord will manifest himself from time to time.

20140309_210202 Shri Krishna Janmastami is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of Shravana Month according to the calender followed in Northern India. Some states of South India also celebrate on the same day except the state of Kerala.

Devotees of the Lord fast on this day till mid-night. There is a tradition of observing a total fast where water is also not consumed. This in one way of loving the Lord. The Lord appeared at mid-night and hence the Lord is worshiped at mid-night with flowers, sandal wood paste, Tulsi leaves, Incense sticks, lamps, fruits and sweets. 

2014-04-11 13.08.29 Places like Vrindavan, Mathura, Dwarka, Jaggannath Puri and Mayapur in India receive a huge number of devotees on the occassion of Janmashtami. The next day is celebrated as Nandotsav.


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